Great Ideas for Teaching

Great Ideas for Teaching

Winslow Resources® are proud to be the sole UK supplier of the specialised SLT "Great Ideas for Teaching" resources, created by a Speech and Language Pathologist.

These specialised reproducible workbooks have been developed for young special-needs children who learn the most when visual images are provided for each concept that is taught. Additionally, they provide structured lessons for specific concepts to help children learn more quickly. The same directions/instructions remain constant throughout each workbook enabling participants to master skills without the complication of varying directions and adding other concepts.

Often, children with specific needs or a learning delay are not able to grasp certain concepts whilst interacting with other children but can quickly grasp the same concept when presented with a picture of the concept along with information about it. In these workbooks, the answer to each question can be found somewhere in the picture/pictures. We refer to these concepts as the ones that usually must be learned by direct teaching. As each skill is mastered, it enhances the ability of the children to master the next level of concepts.

The key components are a picture (pictures) for every answer and not varying the style of how the information is presented. Blackline illustrations keep the art very simple, yet the illustrations are engaging.

Permission is given to make copies of the lessons, rather than using the actual workbook pages.

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