Dementia Activities

Dementia: Meaningful Activities

Here you will find practical, meaningful, useful and often evidence-based or professionally-developed resources for those who have Dementia.

This year, our goal was to provide a wealth of simple, age-appropriate activities for those who are less able, (either cognitively or physically) to suit some individuals in the latter stages. Many are non-goal orientated activities that can be stopped or continued at any time such as matching, stacking and sorting. 

You will also find simple puzzles, jigsaws and objects to facilitate repetitive motion that many find calming and soothing whilst encouraging use of other skills such as fine motor movements and aim to engage attention and concentration, however short this may be.  

We offer assessment tools that help diagnose and plan purposeful activities for individual needs Jackie Pool's PAL Instrument (both book and USB versions 19584/56693) and the Location Learning Test (56116)

Some activities are exclusive to Winslow Resources, developed in-house by our Illustrator and our Occupational Therapist. These have been modified according to feedback from the wonderful people who kindly test our new resources in hospitals, care homes and day care facilities across the UK.

We hope that you will find something here to help improve the quality of life of the individuals you support.

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