Autism & Asperger's

Resources to support people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger Syndrome)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the name for a range of similar conditions, including Asperger Syndrome, that affect a person's social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour (NHS choices).

Everyone, including neurotypical individuals have very specific likes, dislikes, needs and preferences, but some people with ASD may find the way their central nervous system processes information can impact on life quality and find particular sensory, communication or behavioural coping strategies helpful.

Specialised materials provide valuable information, proven methods and effective interventions for teachers, therapists, nurses and parents as well as fun games and meaningful activities for both adults and children.

Further information can be found on the NHS Choices website NHS information on ASD & Asperger Syndrome

Full medical definitions can be found on the World Health Organisation's (WHO) website, ICD10 for both Childhood Autism and Atypical Autism WHO, ICD10 definition of Childhood Autism and Atypical Autism

NICE Guidelines, Standards and Pathways for Autism, Asperger Syndrome & atypical Autism can be found NICE Guidelines, Standards and Pathways: Asperger's

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