The Hanen Centre®

The Hanen Centre was founded over 35 years ago. It is a Canadian charitable organisation with a global reach.

The Hanen approach has led the way in changing early language intervention by putting parents first in order to help children best. A variety of resources, including guidebooks and DVDs, help parents and professionals develop the communication skills of young children.

Two new You Tube videos explain why interaction matters, Why Interaction Matters, Part 1

Why Interaction Matters, Part 2

Based on exhaustive research in the field of early childhood language development and intervention, Hanen resources are designed specifically for the most important people in a child’s life – their parents, caregivers and educators – to help them build communication naturally throughout the day. Speech-language pathologists/therapists and other professionals around the world incorporate these trusted resources into their work to help parents and other caregivers play a leading role in children’s early language and literacy development.

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