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Auditory Memory and Processing Resources

Auditory Processing requires taking in sound via the ear and having it travel to the language area of the brain to be interpreted and to formulate an appropriate response. It involves being able to listen, concentrate and understand spoken information, process, store it and then recall it when required. An impairment in any part of this process can cause individuals difficulty in daily life.

Here you will find a range of different variable resources that have been specifically developed or could be used to help improve auditory processing skills and help to formulate appropriate responses to auditory stimuli.

Some address specific needs such as comprehension, listening, auditory figure-ground discrimination (focusing on specific sounds in a noisy location), auditory discrimination (noticing, comparing and distinguishing between distinct and different sounds), auditory memory (remembering what has been said at a later date), sequencing (understanding and recalling the order of sounds or words) or formulating an appropriate response.

Many can be graded and adapted acording to the needs of the participant.

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