Recordable Resources

Recordable Resources

Recordable items are great versatile play, therapeutic and educational tools. They can be programmed with anything you wish - sounds, voice, music etc!

Some can be used to improve articulation skills, combining a mirror with recordable sound so participants can copy the sound and watch and correct their oral motor movements to shape speech sounds. They can be used to learn different languages, or as tools to learn through play, for example, create treasure hunts to help children develop auditory processing skills, by following directions and then reinforcing prepositions (under the bed, on top of the chair etc.). They can also be used practically and to promote independence, why not position near an activity that an individual is having difficulty sequencing and talk them through it, e.g. brushing teeth (select your toothbrush, find the toothpaste, unscrew the lid etc.).

Some resources can record short messages and other have hours of recording capacity. Some can be combined with images and pictures that can be particularly useful to visually illustrate sequencing of activities with explanations given in sound (talking photo album (20364), Talking Tiles (55693) or Write on/Wipe off Tile (56463) for example.

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