The Talkabout Series

Talkabout is a complete programme that develops self-esteem, social skills and friendship skills. It is based on teaching children in groups in school or college but can be adapted for 1:1 sessions or at home. The programme uses a hierarchical method of developing skills where basic or foundation skills are taught before more complicated skills.

Alex worked in an FE college with a large number of young adults with intellectual disabilities. After a year of social skills interventions, using pre and post assessments, she noticed a pattern in who was responding well and who wasn't.

It centred around the hierarchy of self-awareness coming before non-verbal skills and non-verbal coming before verbal and assertiveness coming last. Alex developed an intervention based on this hierarchy which was published after extensive testing and piloting. Many years later, the Talkabout Series has evolved into a series of books for specific client groups, because very different approaches are needed to engage different children and adults.

Alex kindly wrote us a blog, read this Talkabout

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