Eye-Com Communication Board

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An easy to use, practical, versatile and effective communication tool.

This is a widely used resource around the world and a key tool for stroke wards, brain injury units etc and can aid assessment of cognitive functioning and help individuals communicate.

38x48.3cm acrylic screen with a wooden base and instructions.

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The Eye-Com™ Board is a simple, practical and effective communication system for those who have expressive dysphasia or other communication difficulties but who have enough cognitive ability and control over their eye gaze to indicate meaning, answers and intent.

The non-speaking person indicates what he/she wishes to say by looking towards specific pictures, photographs or letters mounted on the board. The conversation communication partner sits facing on the opposite side of the board and can understand what is to be conveyed by following the eye movements. The board is slotted into its wooden stand and is set between the sender and receiver at a distance of about 2 feet from each. 

This is a widely used resource around the world and a key tool for stroke wards, brain injury units etc and can both aid assessment of cognitive functioning and help individuals communicate.

The Eye Com™ Board has a central window so the sender and receiver can maintain direct eye contact and this also provides a "home" position for the sender to look to indicate he/she is either ready to begin or end a sentence which is very important during the communication process. the user should verbalise the letter, word or picture name as it is transmitted so that the sender knows they are being understood and can quickly correct misinterpretations. It is advisable to write down the message being conveyed also as a reinforcement and reminder. 

  • The clear acrylic board fits into a sturdy base made of wood.
  • Personalise by attaching specific images, illustrations, photographs or letters directly onto the board.
  • Contents: 38 x 48.3cm acrylic screen with a wood base and instructions. 
  • Approximately 0.85kg
It is an adaption of the original eye transfer communicator aid called the "ETRAN" which was developed by Jack Eichler, an engineer, for a friend who had Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis. Eichler's board had eight permanently printed letter and number groupings placed around the opening. The EYE-COM Board is blank to enable stickers, letters and other items to be placed on the board. 

Transparent Standard Overlays (code 51438) are extremely useful in that they can be prepared beforehand, facilitate quick changes to be made to help communication flow and enable more card/image options. These facilitate varied conversations and support activities, making the resource versatile and enabling individuals to make choices and convey needs. By having different overlays for each patient the tool can be personalised for many different clients/patients. 

This is a super alternative for the Frenchay E-Tran Frame which is presently unavailable.

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