Hanen 2020 Pre-School Language and Literacy Calendar

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Hanen Calendars are superb evidence-based tools that provide a method of supporting pre-school children to develop literacy and language skills and ensure the approach is structured and cohesive.

They are packed full of strategies to support early years’ development - used by parents while professionals use them in pre-school settings, creating a seamless learning environment at home and in school!

Read all about how these can be used and why, below.

If you’re looking for a simple, fun and affordable tool for preparing young children for school success, Hanen’s 2020 Preschool Calendar can help.

Every year The Hanen Centre creates a calendar full of research-based tips to help lay the foundations for school success. These are used to support pre-school children at home by parents, while teachers use them simultaneously. This structured approach means that learning is focused, goal-orientated and extended into every part of the day.

Each month highlights a key language and literacy-building strategy, including simple tips for how to apply the strategy to everyday routines and activities. The focus is always on creating powerful conversations, since we know this provides the best possible opportunities for children to learn and use language and to build skills in early literacy.

Supporting All Children:

It doesn’t matter whether a young child is developing typically or has a delay – all children need support to build early language and literacy skills. With support given prior to school admission they’re better prepared for learning to read, write and use the kind of language they’re expected to use in the classroom.

As a parent or educator, you can give young children the best possible start by building a strong foundation of these early skills, by initiating these motivating interactions throughout the day.  As children participate in conversations, their vocabulary and understanding of the world grows very quickly. They can then use that new vocabulary and understanding to talk about new ideas, to make more sense out of the stories they hear and, eventually, to read and write on their own.

This years’ calendar

The tips in this calendar are designed to support all children (2-5 years old), including those who are at risk for a language delay, have a delay, or who are second-language learners. Each month features a special section on how the tips can be applied to children with language delays so they can benefit as much as possible from the month’s activities.

  • Each month focuses on a critical skill children need to learn to be prepared for language and literacy success.
  • Each month includes a description of what the research says about the importance of promoting particular skills in children who are typically developing, followed by evidence-based strategies for supporting children who are having difficulty developing language.
  • 128 Tips to support children from 2 to 5 years old.
  • All tips are divided into 4 fun sections – Daily Activities, Play Time, Book Reading and On The Screen

Each month contains eight diverse tips that can be applied across different environments, e.g. at home or in a classroom setting to promote children’s learning.

What’s new for 2020!

You can add language and literacy-building interactions to any activity, but it may not always be obvious how to do this. When it comes to screen time especially, many parents and caregivers aren’t sure how best to join in with these traditionally solo activities.

So, to address this, Hanen have included a new “on the screen” section to each month, providing ideas on how to add interaction to screen time, build specific skills.

It doesn’t matter what activity you do with a child – as long as it’s something that interests them, it can be a great context for interaction and learning.  The same goes for tech-related activities and screen-time can be turned into an ideal opportunity to develop many valuable literacy and language skills.

This solitary activity can be converted into an enjoyable back-and-forth conversation and because the child is interested in it, they will are more likely to engage for longer!

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