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You Make the Difference

You Make the Difference® Resources for Parents

As a parent, you know that confidence is one of the most important things children need in order to learn and develop new skills. Confident children are more willing to participate in interactions and to share their ideas with others, and this helps them build the strong social and communication skills they need to succeed.

So where does confidence come from, and how do you ensure that your child has it? Confidence isn’t something you can buy for your child, and it isn’t something you can “teach” him, either. Children develop confidence through the everyday interactions they have with the most important people in their lives – their parents especially.

Responding to and interacting with your child in specific ways sends him messages of support, love, and encouragement.  It isn’t just words that tell your child things – the way you interact with him can say things like “I’m proud of you”, “I believe in you”, and “I care about what you have to say”.

The You Make the Difference parent guidebook and DVD can show you simple, yet powerful techniques that you can use during everyday routines with your child. These techniques will help you learn more about your child, deepen the connection you have with him, and give him the confidence to be open to learning new things.  

How You Make the Difference® Helps

The aim of the You Make the Difference guidebook and DVD is to show you simple ways to “tune in” to your child so that he feels good about himself and is open to learning. That means taking the time to get to know your child’s interests, and to join in and share in his experiences.

Obviously, you can’t always be a tuned-in parent. Sometimes you’re in a rush, and sometimes you’re tired and just need a break. But the more time you can spend being tuned-in, the more chances you’ll have to build strong foundations for your child’s learning.

You Make the Difference resources will provide you with:

►Simple strategies you can use with your child throughout the day

The You Make the Difference guidebook provides you with simple techniques for taking the everyday activities you already do with your child and making small, but powerful adjustments to the way you interact with him. Having dinner, taking a bath, reading a book – all of these routines can be opportunities to encourage your child and let him know you are paying close attention to what he has to say. If your child knows you’re interested, he’ll be more likely to continue the interaction and add his own ideas, giving him more opportunities to learn.

An example of an important strategy you’ll learn from You Make the Difference is the “3A Way”. You’ll discover how you can use this strategy to tune-in to your child’s interests and encourage his learning.

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